Monday, February 15, 2010

MAAC 2010 Grading

Note as from 2010 MAAC will not grade shooters trough out open FT, open BR or open HFT matches. Special matches with qualifiers will be done according a schedule to qualify shooters for any international even. A minimum score point will be required for one to qualify.

Those who qualify will be eligible either for sponsorship if available or to wear the Malta team shirt if they opt to attend such an event entirely from their expense. Other shooters who still want to take part in such international events on their own account are still eligible but will represent the club and as individuals not as part of the Malta teams.

However just for track record, the scores for each individual will be published here as from now on.
We will start from the HFT match date 31-1-2010.

MAAC Central Committee.